Google serps mobile devices

2019 recently, Google started penalizing websites that aren’t optimized
for mobile devices like phone’s, tablets, making the need for responsiveness even more crucial. This is probably the single-most valuable way in which you can improve your website’s usability. If you’re not sure whether your website isn’t Google serps mobile devices mobile friendly, there are many free tools that you can check your website.

Google mobile friendly test tool that allows you to easily carry out a
mobile site test telling about a website’s score in terms of mobile
responsiveness. This seo tool is inspired to calculate the metrics score
that Google does. In the last few years 2017, 2018, 2019 and we expect
also 2020, Google has put a penalty on many sites that offer poor
experience to mobile users on none responsive sites in lower serp ranking.

Since the huge number of users accessing the websites from mobile phones,
and tablets is increasing tremendously, it is, therefore absolutely essential
to make certain that website is responsive for all mobile devices and provides a quality user experience to mobile users. New technology 2018/2019 is Google project AMP pages. Tiny webpages just for mobile users.

It’s never to late to fix all issues to get best results in Serps for
mobile users and not only for desktop users. When this is done you will
also see a remarkable improvement in your search engine ranking.